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Welin Lambie HistoryEstablished in 1901 as Welin Davit and Engineering Company Limited the tradition of innovation and quality continues.  The Welin Lambie head office in the West Midlands of England is located within walking distance of the original factory.  In the early history of the company the “Welin Quadrant” davit became the industry standard for many years with a reported 4,000 units sold.

Welin Davits are synonymous with ships that have made maritime history, the QEII, Royal Yacht Britannia and Titanic to name a few.  The introduction, some say, by Welin of the inclined trackway davit paved the way for the use of larger lifeboats that we see today and also gave the designers the space to allow clear promenade decks on the Cruise Ships and Liners.

Today Welin Lambie Davits continue to operate worldwide on commercial marine vessels, offshore supply vessels, oil rigs, ferries, Navies and Coast Guard Platforms, even NASA uses Welin Lambie Davits to support their SRB  (Solid Rocket Booster) recovery systems.

Welin Lambie offers a complete range of standard and bespoke davits that meet the requirements of SOLAS and recognised certifying authorities as well as meeting the demands of military customers.

We offer bespoke davit designs and customisation that will allow the selected davit to be modelled to fit your installation envelope.

Our in house davit refurbishment programme provides an affordable way of upgrading existing davit systems to meet the life extension of many existing vessels and platforms.

The traditional skills and the attention to detail have not changed over the 107 year history of the Welin Brand name and we will continue in . . . Leading the World in Davit Technology.

Press Releases

  1. Tuesday, August 23, 2016

    Welin Lambie Davits in Explosive Situations …. and Survive

    Video made public of the decommissioned USS Thach (FFG 43) during Rim of the Pacific 2016 (SINKEX) show the ship is fired at with missiles and torpedoes. What is interesting is the Welin Lambie Type: SARBE 22 B that is located on the port side is subjected to a near miss from an incoming projectile and the explosion that follows, the davit remains intact.

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  2. Friday, May 13, 2016

    Upcoming Conferences: Multi-Agency Craft Conference 2016 & Launch and Recovery Symposium 2016

    Welin Lambie is pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at the two following important events, Welin Lambie will be introducing the Dual Point Type: TWPIV 5.0 All -Electric Variant davit system. The All-Electric dual point system is derived from the feedback of the end user who are looking for lower maintenance cost and increased reliability. This variant offers significant advantages to the operators wanting to reduce the quantity of oil on the weather deck for Combatant Vessel applications and is an important element in the protection of the environment. When compared with the hydraulic / electric version of the Type: TWPIV davit the All Electric version requires 78% less oil for its operation.

  3. Tuesday, March 1, 2016

    During 2015 Welin Lambie experienced an increase in spares and support activities continuing into 2016

    During 2015 Welin Lambie experienced an increase in spares and support activities with that trend continuing into 2016. This is encouraging for an OEM as it provides positive indicators that the end users are maintaining their davit systems.

  4. Friday, August 1, 2014

    For Welin Lambie 2013 was an exceptionally busy year and 2014 has seen that activity continue

    For Welin Lambie 2013 was an exceptionally busy year and 2014 has seen that activity continue with the addition of some interesting projects.

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