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During 2015 Welin Lambie experienced an increase in spares and support activities continuing into 2016

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

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During 2015 Welin Lambie experienced an increase in spares and support activities with that trend continuing into 2016. This is encouraging for an OEM as it provides positive indicators that the end users are maintaining their davit systems.

The production of the PIV 3.6 E the all-electric, EMI and shock tested aluminum davit for the LCS Independence variant continues with a further contract for two systems awarded in 2015 which brings a total of 12 systems that have been delivered, commissioned or in production. Technical support is currently being provided on USS Gabriel Gifford (LCS 10). We are also entering a new phase of active service support on the LCS platforms that are entering into their domestic and forward deployments.

Supplying and supporting the Welin Lambie Type: TWPIV series of davits in the USCG Cutter Fleet remains a Welin Lambie core activity. Supporting these systems we have in a rotatable pool of davits, in the last 12 months the factory has completed four factory refurbishments and supplied 3 new systems with our two dedicated Coast Guard support technicians providing oversight for in-place overhauls and rotatable pool davit system exchanges/commissioning.

Designing and engineering davits to be self-contained can offer both small and larger fleet operators significant advantages. Through continuous refurbishment programs that are delivered at intervals that are based on the operators use, duty cycles and even geographic location can maximise the life cycle of the davit system and provide a safe working environment for the crews on the deck plates.

USCG have advanced a program to replace the Welin Lamble Type: TWPIV 5.0 A with the higher performance configuration of Type: TWPIV 5.0 B davit systems on selected WLB platforms. 

The davit upgrades are being conducted at the USCG, Curtis Bay, MD shipyard facility as a part of the WLB midlife upgrade program.

Many of our end users have identified that hydraulic systems associated with davits present them both environmental and high cost of maintenance issues. Welin Lambie has been offering all-electric slewing rescue boat davits since the mid-80s. We also are experiencing an increase in new ship build programs that are migrating toward all-electric requirements for davit and deck equipment in general.

Welin Lambie is currently producing an all-electric version of the USCG Type:
TWPIV series dual point luffing davit. This davit is aimed at the eventual conversion of the existing electro-hydraulic systems to all-electric and will start testing in June 2016. 

New technology in battery power storage and micro electro-mechanics allows Welin Lambie to address the “dead ship” regulatory requirements.

Welin Lambie Type: SARBE 8 C all electric rescue boat davit designed for tug applications.

Equipped with the Welin Lambie davit the 132 ft Arctic Class Tug the MV Michele Foss has entered service and a second davit has been delivered for the follow vessel.

The vessel is classed for both international operation as well as polar water under ABS A1 and DO. The vessel is also SOLAS and Green Passport certified. 

Established in 1901 and trading under Welin Davit & Engineering Co Ltd we continue to innovate and deliver davits systems to both Commercial & Military customers.

Please visit us at the following venue in 2016: ASNE Day 2016, Arlington, Virginia.