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Upcoming Conferences: Multi-Agency Craft Conference 2016 & Launch and Recovery Symposium 2016

Friday, May 13, 2016

Welin Lambie is pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at the two following important events, Welin Lambie will be introducing the Dual Point Type: TWPIV 5.0 All -Electric Variant davit system.  The All-Electric dual point system is derived from the feedback of the end user who are looking for lower maintenance cost and  increased reliability.  This variant offers significant advantages to the operators wanting to reduce the quantity of oil on the weather deck for Combatant  Vessel applications and is an important element  in the protection of the environment. When compared  with the hydraulic / electric version of the Type: TWPIV davit the All Electric version requires 78% less oil for its operation.

Multi-Agency Craft Conference 2016

Date: June 8-9, 2016

Location: United States Coast Guard Yard, Baltimore MD

Link: http://www.navalengineers.org/Symposia/MACC-2016

The Multi-Agency Craft Conference (MACC) is an open forum for the exchange of operational and technical information on small boats and craft between Government agencies and the maritime community. Information on new technologies and new product offerings as well as information on Army and Navy service craft, Navy and Coast Guard patrol boats, Navy and USMC expeditionary craft, and Naval Special Warfare craft are highlighted in chaired technical presentations, vendor and agency displays, and in-water demonstrations.

Launch and Recovery Symposium 2016

Date: November 16-17, 2016

Location: MITAGS, 692 Maritime Boulevard, Linthicum Heights, MD 21090

Link: http://www.navalengineers.org/Symposia/Launch-and-Recovery-2016

The American Society of Naval Engineers is proud to present the 2016 Launch & Recovery Symposium. This symposium addresses the launch, recovery, and operations of manned and unmanned vehicles from marine platforms. Manned and unmanned vehicles include helicopters, rotorcraft, fixed-wing aircraft, RHIB' s, high-speed craft, tenders, UAV, USV, UUV, and many more. Marine platforms include naval, coast guard, passenger, and commercial ships, as well as offshore platforms and other vessels. The scope of L & R 2016 includes the launch and recovery systems, the host marine platforms, and the vehicles themselves-all of which are evolving at a rapid pace. This is an area of intense research and development in national and international naval, commercial, and academic sectors.