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Welin Lambie Davits in Explosive Situations …. and Survive

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Welin Lambie Davit Type: SARBE 22 B : Video made public  of the decommissioned USS Thach (FFG 43) during Rim of the Pacific 2016 (SINKEX) show the ship is fired at with missiles and torpedoes. What is interesting is the Welin Lambie Type: SARBE 22 B that is located on the port side is subjected  to a near miss from an incoming projectile and the explosion that follows, the davit remains intact.

The Type: SARBE 22 B is an all-electric slewing davit that was designed to support the 7 M RHIB operations for the US Navy. The Type: SARBE 22 C has a low installation impact and is also in use with the Egyptian and Polish Navies.

The Welin Lambie Type : PIV 3.6 E : All electric, all aluminum davits aboard the USS Jackson completed its Full Scale Shock Trails (FSST) on July 16th.  The Type : PIV 3.6 E located on the port side aft was fully exposed to the third and final blast in the program that used 10,000 lbs of explosive.  “The ship performed exceptionally well, sustaining minimal damage and returned to port under her own power,” the Navy said in a statement.

The Type: PIV 3.6 E single point luffing davit was designed to accommodate the US Navy 7 M RHIB in a very restrictive installation envelope. The davit had been certified to shock under MIL –S-901 D prior to the full scale shock trails and is also certified under STD-MIL 461 E for EMI ( Electro Magnetic Emissions)